Monday, March 21, 2011

Maybelline Lipstick - 'In The Nude'

Maybelline Lipstick in In The Nude

Sorry, but i cannot remember the specific name of this lipstick other than the shade is In The Nude, and it's made by Maybelline. But i know it is still sold in stores for around $6-$8.
doesnt dry out lips
good neutral color for all skin tones
long lasting
too 'tingly' on lips
i prefer a tapered (or pointed) stick - not round

Apart from the fact that thos lipstick tingles too much and the round shape makes it a little more difficult to apply, this is an amazing color and soo worth the buy. It's one of the only lipsticks i own that is super pigmented, covers completely and leaves my lips soft and moisturized, and doesnt look or feel dry. Plus its matches great w/ my skin tone (which is hard to find for me). Its practically the only lipstick i feel comfortable wearing and KNOW i look good in it.
What do you think? What's your favorite Drugstore lipstick?


  1. Pretty, I like it! I prefer the pointed type lipsticks too. Estee Lauder has these gloss stick that have the round tip. It smells like medicine, but the finish it beautiful. You should try it out when you get a chance. I have one and I love how it feels on.

  2. Yeah thats the way this lipstick feels, its almost like a creamy gloss but the tingly part i cant stand, lol. I def. need to try some Estee Lauder products!