Thursday, March 31, 2011

MAC Pigment Samples

I bought these 6 MAC pigment samples a couple years ago off of I believe i payed around $6-$8 for all six pigments, they are about 7G each. They are soooo amazing! I am nearly out of Blue Brown (its my favorite!!) but all of the pigments are very good quality, easy to apply, and with the right eye primer they lasts forever!

I am seriously considering buying a full-size Blue Brown in the near future, its just one of the most beautiful shades i've ever seen. Overall, in my opinion, i got a good deal on these samples. Pigments last such a long time because you barely need any at all for full coverage, so a regular sized bottle of these would last me years, literally. If you have ever wondered about the quality of these MAC pigments, dont doubt them! Theyre amazing.

Top row: Copper Sparkle, Apricot Pink, Chocolate Brown
Bottom row: Melon, Blue Brown, Tan

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  1. So pretty! I'm considering buying some pigments also but i'm only going to buy them from the Mac-cosmetics forum because I know they'll be authethic -