Thursday, March 24, 2011


I bought this full size ECOTOOLS brush set for $10 at WalMart. It comes with these 5 brushes: blush/face, foundation, eyeshadow/blending, eyeliner, and brow groomer + hemp storage case. I was most excited about the foundation and eyeshadow blending brushes because the ones i own right now from Mark. (AVON) are a year or so old and i use them like everyday. I was looking forward to trying a new brand. All of the brushes are ridiculously soft.
Blush/Face brush:
Its not as round as my other blush or kabuki brushes, its a little flat, but that may be due to the way it was packaged and doesnt seem to change its effectiveness as a brush. It blended and applied the product well.

Foundation brush:
Im a sponge kind of girl so im not really adapt at using a foundation brush. I liked it although i'll admit its smaller than other foundation brushes i've seen.... ALOT smaller. This basically just means it takes longer to apply your foundation, but if you're not worried about time its a nice brush and seemed to work pretty good but not as good as a sponge. (I use Sonia Kashuk Blending Sponge - $10 at Target)

Eyeshadow/Blending brush:
This is my favorite next to the eyeliner brush. It blends amazingly well and is realllyyy soft. Until i got this i didnt really think i had a need for a blending brush, i just used a typical eyeshadow brush to blend. But this works MUCH better, its a necessity for me now.

Eyeliner brush:
This eyeliner brush is short and the bristles are stiff but still soft. I find its best used when 'pressing' the lines on your lids instead of sweeping it on. Just press on using short strokes - this should be done with most eyeliner brushes anyway if you already arent.

Brow Groomer:
I dont find much use for this, honestly. I get my eyebrows waxed and attempt to twweze them regularly in-between times. I also own an electric brow groomer from CVS that's almost as small as an ink pen and very portable (plus it comes w/ different attachments). So i guess i cant really give a fair opinion on this, but if you're someone who already uses a brow groomer similar to this one it might be worth a try just for the fact that everything in this kit is so high quality.

Hemp Case:
I like the look of this case but not it's functionality. I need something a little more structured and something that has some sort of flap over the top which ensures the brushes wont fall out if they it's turned upside down. However, if you're just using it at home it would be fine. If you want to take it in your purse its a little bulky + not very secure.

Overall this was a good buy for $10 and the best quality, softest brushes I have owned so far. *Photo is mine.

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