Sunday, March 27, 2011

Urban Decay Primer Potion

I recieved a mini UD Primer Potion with my purchase of the Naked palette a month or so ago. The mini bottle i recieved came with the new wand, which is slanted at a slight angle for easier application.

This is the original formula primer which applies to lids very creamy and dries invisibly. It doesnt serve as a base color (obviously! - its invisible), but it will zap any oiliness on eyelids. Not only does this primer make my lids soft, smooth, and ready for shadows, but it makes the staying power of the shadows much more powerful, not to mention it really brings out the pigmentation.  I can go 10+ hours without creasing when using UDPP under my eyeshadows, its really amazing! This product is now a total must-have for me.

Urban Decay is now selling their primers in tube form for upcoming Summer 2011 product releases. They come in various sizes and prices.

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