Sunday, May 1, 2011

ECOTOOLS Travel Brush Kit

Mini Kabuki brush, Blush/face brush
Concealer brush, Eyeshadow/blending brush

I also own a full size ECOTOOLS brush kit with some of the same brushes and I really like it! So thats why I purchased this travel kit for $7.99 at Target. It's the perfect size for throwing in my purse and extremely light weight.

All the brushes are very, very soft and do their intended jobs well. However, I use the oncealer brush as an eyeshadow brush because its firm and applys the shadows well, and I use the actual eyeshadow brush for blending purposes only because its very soft and fluffy.

This is a nice purchase if you need a travel and/or purse brush kit thats affordable, high quality, and light weight. Very nice brushes.


  1. I have no idea why I haven't picked this set up yet. I have the other brush set with the full size brushes and I love them :) I'll definitely pick these up soon! Great review~

  2. It's definitely worth it and VERY travel friendly and compact.