Tuesday, May 31, 2011

HAULS: CVS 50-75% Off Sales + Coupons

I recently made two trips to CVS for their huge 50-75% off sales. If you dont have a CVS near you checkout Walgreens, they're having the same sale. I also went because I had some Extra Bucks coupons that i needed to use. Below are the items i got and their prices!
Sally Hansen Simple Spa Wax Kit (new!) 
Regular Price: $20.99
- $4 off a $20 Purchase CVS Extra Bucks
- $3 Off Coupon

My Price = $13.99
Ever since seeing this in a TV ad i have wanted it. Its a super affordable home wax warmer kit and the best part about it is its sold in drugstores! You dont have to go to a beauty supply store to get one and luckily i had 2 coupons to use on this! :)
Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Eyeliners for Green Eyes
Regular Price: $12.99
- $5 Off CVS Extra Bucks

My Price = $7.99
These eyeliner supposedly have 24 hour wear. This particular trip is for green eyes and comes with three shades: green, amethyst, and black w/ amethysts shimmer.
Revlon Custom Creations Foundation in Fair/Light
Regular Price: $14.79
- $6 Off Coupon

My Price = $8.79
I have been having the hardest time finding a foundation that matches. Especially since the seasons are changing and now that im getting a little more sun i am right in between Fair or Ivory and a Nude shade. This foundation is the perfect solution for me (i hope!) as you can dial up your shade and get custom foundation!
Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara
Regular Price: $8.79
- $6.60 for the 75% Off Sticker 

My Price = $2.19
Here's yet another product ive been curious about! I love the wand for this and this particular shade is 003 Extreme Black. Im super excited to try it. If i like it i may make a super quick trip back to CVS to grab the rest of these w/ the 75% off sticker on them!
Essie - Dive Bar nail polish
Regular Price: $8.79
- $8.79 for FREE Essie Coupon

My Price = $0.00
Anytime i get a coupon for something thats free i immediately take advantage of it, lol. I love this shade. Its very dark, sexy, and mysterious and while it might not be a great Summer shade it'll be nice for Fall so i picked it up anyway. It has a black sheer cream base with teal/blue shimmer.
Expression 100 Ct. Hairbows
My Price = $1.00
These are obviously for my daughter, lol. We lose these alot around here so it can never hurt to have extras. Especially when you're getting 100 for only $1 - very cheap!
Wet N Wild Ultimate Match Foundation in Porcelain
Regular Price: $4.99
50% Off Price: $2.49
This is a blendable color-matching foundation. I have never tried it but im willing to give it a shot because it was so cheap. I chose Porcelain which is the 2nd lightest shade. (Ivory is the lightest). It also has SPF 15!
Maybelline Lash Stiletto in Soft Black
Regular Price: $10.49
50% Off Price: $5.25
I have heard tons of stuff about this mascra but never bought it because it was too pricey for me, for a drugstore item. Luckily this sale gave me a chance to try it and so far i like it! I did an EOTD with it after i got home which i will be posting soon!
Revlon Luxurious Color Eyeliner in Brushed Pewter
Regular Price: $10.99
75% Off Price: $2.75
I really needed a pewter/charcoal shaded eyeliner. And despite being a pencil like when i swatched this then used it later in my EOTD it was super smooth and soft! It also has a built-in smudger.
L'Oreal Brow Stylist 3-in-1 Brow Tool in Medium/Dark
Regular Price: $11.79
75% Off Price: $2.95
I had NEVER noticed this product before because i typically skip over L'Oreal products because they test on animals. However, this sale made this product ridiculously cheap and although i feel bad for supporting a company (even though its only $2.95) that tests on animals, it was a good deal that i couldnt pass up. I desperately needed a brow tool.


  1. nice haul :) I have the eyeliners for brown eyes.. & well it doesn't last as long as it claims =/

  2. Ooh! May I ask where you got the Essie coupon? I love Essie! Also, great haul. :)

  3. Love the haul! I love the Lash stiletto and sexy curves mascara!

  4. @Tiffany - aww that sucks! I dont need it to last 24 hrs but i hope it doesnt come off super quick

    @JC! - The Essie coupon came in the mail a while back and i cant even remember what company sent it now but im sure it wasnt Essie. Sorry i couldnt be more helpful :( It was probably something i signed up for online.

    @Poppy - I am liking Lash Stiletto so far but havent tried Sexy Curves yet

  5. This is a really nice haul, and the deals you got are great! I love everything, especially the Lash Stiletto. I have that one, and like it :)