Friday, May 6, 2011

Mark. Flip For It Color Kit: London

Top row: Proper Kiss and Watermelon
Bottom row: West End Pout and Queenie

Top row: Eyeshadows in London Bridge and Piccadilly
Bottom Row: Blush in Cameo Glo

Hello! How is everyone doing today?? I want to show you a Mark. Flip For It Color Kit (London) that i purchased from AVON a few months ago. I got it on sale for $12 but i believe they are regular $20 each. Mark. comes out with these kits pretty regularly in different shades.

The kit includes...
2 eyeshadows: London Bridge and Piccadilly
1 blush: Cameo Glo
2 Lip Sticks: Proper Kiss and Watermelon
2 Lip Glosses: West End Pout and Queenie

This compact palette is extremely portable, as you can see from the photos below its just about the size of the palm of my hand. Swatches are below also. Everything is very pigmented and good quality, the Piccadilly shadow is really beautiful and light reflective. I hardley ever use this palette but it would be great to throw in a bag for a night out. I would like to own the rest of the Mark. Flip For It Kits!

From L to R: Proper Kiss, Watermelon, West End Pout, Queenie

Top row: Eyeshadows in Piccadilly (purple), and London Bridge (taupe)
Bottom Row: Blush in Cameo Glo


  1. Hi had a question about the eyeshadow. Wanted to get more singles to put in my flip palette but i see not much options. I didnt even see the london bridge. Idk if you know where i can get other colors besides the one on the mark site and avon site.

  2. @Jenn - I confused the two shades, sorry, Piccadilly is the purple, London Bridge is the taupe shade. So it is available. London Bridge (taupe) may have been a limited edition eyeshadow or they have done away with it at this point and added in new ones. There are shades available through mark on this link -