Thursday, May 19, 2011

i-Mark Shadows and Blushes by Mark. (AVON)

My Collection of I-Mark Shadows and Blushes




Biscotti and Java

Tart and Vintage Khaki

Blush in Kitten Glo, and eyeshadows in Cake and Gliteratti

'Pure' Shadows in Pretty Pinks

Top row: Blushes in After Glo and Cameo Glo
Bottom row: Eyeshadows in Fairy Dust, Crush, Plum Velvet, and Gioa

Click any of the photos to enlarge them! This is my collection of i-Mark. shadows and blushes from Mark. (AVON). I have organized them a little better since swatching these, so i apologize for the randomness, lol.  All of these shadows and blushes are very pigmented and smooth, no chalkiness. Shade names are under swatch photos. These are roughly $5 each, and the palettes are customizable w/ magnetic bases so you can mix & match the shades you buy however you want and make your own palettes! Brushes are included.

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